National Education Technical Assistance Center houses links to IDEA Part C (birth to 3 years) and Part B (3+ years) services State-by-State, and county-by-county.

Because intake in IDEA programs may be slow, if children are < 6 years and low-income, it is also wise to suggest referrals to local Early Head Start and Head Start programs. These services can obtain help from IDEA (e.g., speech-language pathology, physical and occupational therapy).

For after school/tutoring programs, check with the child's school of zone, visit the websites of the Boys and Girls Club and the YWCA

Links to local Early Head Start and Head Start programs.

Links for locating mental health services.

For help locating parent training programs see Parents As Teachers and the YWCA.

These links help locate quality preschool and day care programs.

Follow this link to find social services including help with domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, adoption, state, and local services, etc.

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