When you are ready to start, click Start the Test in the menu on the left and you will be asked for information about the child and yourself. These questions are necessary for getting PEDS:Developmental Milestones-Assessment Level (PEDS:DM-AL) results. We will not share your name, your child's name or any other personal identifying information with anyone but you (or your child's health provider, if that's how you were referred to this site).

Next, you will be asked the PEDS:DM-AL questions. The PEDS:DM-AL questions ask you to observe how your child can perform specific tasks geared towards their age, and then ask you to choose one of the response options listed. (If your child is over 18 months and under 5 years of age, you also have the option to take the MCHAT-R which asks questions about things your child likes to do, how he or she behaves, and so forth.)

After you answer these questions, you will be asked for payment information. Then the measure(s) will be scored by our scoring engine. The results of the PEDS:DM-AL will give you an age-equivalence score and a percentage of delay in each area of development that will help you understand and assess your child's developmental strengths and weaknesses. You can retest your child every few months to monitor his/her progress over time. The scoring is done very quickly and the results will then appear immediately on your screen. The results page will give you suggestions for needed programs and services based on your child's risk level and other indicators of need. We encourage you print out and save this information.

If your child is demonstrating delays in specific areas of development you can also print out a separate letter to take to schools, health care workers, and other professionals so they will understand the results and recommendations.

Then what?

The results will give you suggestions about what is needed and what to do next. Depending on the results, you will find out:

  • What sorts of professionals should be asked to look more carefully at your child;
  • Where to find these professionals;
  • What to ask for once you find them;
  • And, how to find information on helping your child at home.

So, we hope you will take this information and make good use of it!

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends repeated screenings for every child at every well visit.
We encourage you to return every few months, complete our measures again, and see how your child is progressing.